The Carfax Approach

Good tutoring starts with building on each pupil’s existing knowledge and skills, giving them the self-assurance to engage with new tasks and helping them push their ideas further. As tutors, we all live and breathe our subjects and are always trying to find effective ways to spark enthusiasm in our pupils.

Carfax Private Tutors, as one of the founders of The Tutors’ Association, is devoted to providing the very best in private tuition. As such, all Carfax tutors follow a clear code of professional ethics as set out by the Association. In order to ensure that the tuition is as effective as possible in meeting the individual needs of each pupil, we use the following approach in arranging tuition:

  • Establish specific goals for tuition: We work hard to ensure all preferences, goals and aspirations of each parent and pupil are noted and taken into consideration when arranging a set tuition plan for a pupil.
  • Our dedicated Carfax team works carefully to match each pupil with a tutor bearing in mind the pupil’s individual educational background as well as their personality in order to better match the pupil with a tutor.
  • Assess the pupil (not compulsory): Our Academic Registrar may advise doing an assessment as the first step to organising a private tuition programme. This will identify the main strengths and weaknesses in each subject, and will help us design a goal-orientated course specific to a pupil.
  • Matching pupil with tutor: In order to find the ideal tutor for your or your child we will draw upon a wide pool of carefully selected, highly experience and excellently educated tutors. Between them they offer a full range of academic, vocational, and extra-curricular subjects at all levels.
  • Close contact: Following your first lesson with a Carfax tutor, we will get in touch to discuss your first impressions and to check that you are satisfied with all the arrangements. We will stay in regular contact throughout your course and we will always be available to discuss any preference or concerns you might have.
  • Regular reporting: We will keep a close eye on the progress of your lessons with Carfax tutors and we will send you detailed monthly reports as well as providing access to an online portal allowing you to see mini-reports for each lesson.
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