Entrance & Examinations

We maintain an industry leading commitment to providing the best support possible for examinations and entry tests.

The success of our model is based on sourcing tutors who are thoroughly acquainted with the requirements for each particular exam or entrance procedure; many of our tutors specialise in building confidence for specific papers or preparing for entry to particular academic institutions.

Carfax tutors have recently helped pupils gain entry to Eton, Charterhouse, Rugby, Harrow, Cheltenham Ladies’ College, Downe House, Winchester, and other leading schools. In addition, Carfax pupils have secured places at Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, King’s College, LSE, and numerous other prestigious academic institutions.

Please find below some examinations which Carfax specialises in helping pupils prepare for:

Tuition for the 7+/8+ is all about building confidence and making sure pupils have everything they need so they do their best on the day. With entry to top preparatory schools being so competitive, our success year on year is based on working from each pupil’s existing knowledge and guiding themtowards the right answers with well-chosen questions and a pupil-centred approach. From this foundation we work methodically on exam-technique, time management and working according to each school’s particular specifications.

For us, preparing for the 7+/8+ isn’t just about examinations on the day but also about making a positive step towards securing a particular type of academic future, of trying to instil in each pupil a love for learning which will carry them beyond the examination and entry process.

We also use this confidence-building approach to help pupils impress at interviews; it’s all about letting their interests, passions, and personality shine through!

We are available to advise on top schools to help you find the school that is right for you and your child. We stay in close contact with these schools and are kept informed of all significant academic developments.

Our expertise helps guide you and your child through the competitive 11+ entry process. We have helped numerous pupils gain entry to top academic institutions because we know it is about maximising potential, maintaining enthusiasm, and a thorough knowledge of the entry process for each institution.

We can provide academic assessments which provide exceptional focus and clarity for the preparation process, allowing us to target exactly where each pupil might need particular support. Working through the 11+ syllabus, we also work methodically on exam-technique, time management and how to respond to different exam formats.

We are available to advise on top schools to help you find the school that is right for you and your child. We stay in close contact with these schools and are kept informed of all significant academic developments.

We can help provide the expertise to guide you and your child through the 13+ / Common Entrance process.

We can provide a personalised assessment which as well as highlighting academic strengths also helps address any areas of particular difficulty. Pupils are then matched with a tutor who has particular expertise in helping with these areas and in the entry processes of whichever school(s) your child is applying for. Many of our tutors will specialise in the entry process for a particular school or examination. This targeted approach is about maximising each pupil’s chance of success and helping them achieve their potential.

We are available to advise on top schools to help you find the school that is right for you and your child. We stay in close contact with these schools and are kept informed of all significant academic developments.

One of the biggest challenges with GCSE is trying to balance a potentially daunting range of syllabuses and different exam boards with their own specific requirements. One-on-one tuition provides that vital time and space set aside for gaining focus and organising. 

GCSE tuition is also often about building great motivating relationships between tutor and . We provide a level of subject-specific expertise and thoroughness in preparing for each exam which allows students to relax into tuition and take their learning to the next level. It is no exaggeration to say that Carfax GCSE students will often know their subjects and the exam papers inside-out by the time they get to the exam; there is nothing better than hearing a once-anxious student report back on how easy and boring they found the exam!

We also provide expert support for coursework. Again, the focus here is on actualising each student’s potential and making sure they have the materials and the level of enthusiasm surrounding the subject which allows them to do the best work they can do.

Make Carfax Private Tutors your first choice for expert, focused tuition for AS/A-level. Expert, subject-specialist guidance at this crucial stage can help make all the difference as you approach university entrance and the next stage in your academic career. Many of our clients are ultimately looking towards gaining a place at an illustrious first choice university, and as many of us are Oxbridge graduates we know exactly how stressful this process can potentially be.

We can provide you with that level of one-to-one attention which takes you step-by-step through managing the workload across subjects, sharpening the focus of work to meet specific syllabus requirements and gaining top marks in exams & coursework, picking a university (including college in the case of Oxbridge & Durham) which is right for you, preparing UCAS forms and writing a personal statement which really brings out your academic strengths & your passion for your subject.

We appreciate that AS/A-Level preparation is not simply a matter of preparing for the exams. These two years are vitally important in preparing for your academic future and so we encourage students to explore their enthusiasm for their subject and guide wider reading around the course so you can take that next step with confidence and impress when application time comes around.

An increasing number of top schools offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma as an interdisciplinary course of study which broadens educational experience and requires a wide range of skills. One-to-one tuition can give students that level of focus and confidence required to manage this challenging course effectively. We can help provide expert assessments by IB specialists, a fully-personalised course of tuition which helps prioritise working through difficult areas, help writing your personal statement, support for your Extended Essay, and an outstanding level of care and thoroughness in making sure you get the results you are capable of.

Our expertise in entrance tests can give you that boost you need for entry to that first choice university.

We understand how crucial exam results can be for admission and scholarship to Ivy League Colleges. One-to-one tuition with Carfax Private Tutors can give you access to that level of expertise on everything from applications to exam technique and each test’s specific requirements.

With competition for admission more competitive than ever, many universities- including Oxford and Cambridge- require entry examinations which are subject specific to test ability and aptitude for that course; almost all of the candidates applying will have strong A-Level /IB results, so these exams often require a slightly different approach. Being familiar with format of these exams, the type of skills being assessed, and the correct way to demonstrate these skills are all vital for success in the admission process.

In this regard, we offer expert tuition in the Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA) exam required for University of Oxford entrance for the following courses: Psychology and Philosophy, Experimental Psychology (EP), Psychology and Linguistics, Economics and Management, Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE), Geography, & Philosophy and Linguistics. Carfax tutors can provide that specialist boost in helping you sharpen your problem-solving skills (including numerical and spatial reasoning) and critical thinking skills, including understanding argument and reasoning using everyday language.

As studying in the U.S. becomes increasingly popular, we maintain an industry leading expertise in providing tuition for success in the required SAT tests. The SAT consists of ten papers: three in Maths, three in Critical Reading, three in Writing, and one Experimental section. Juggling revision for all of these areas can be challenging and extremely stressful, so we help each prospective student put together a personalised study plan which focuses on identifying and addressing any challenging areas. The one-to-one Carfax approach means that each applicant can work through any target areas calmly, confident that they are aware of all the relevant details for the exam.

The GMAT exam is widely recognised as a means of determining aptitude for academic study in business and management. Carfax Private Tutors can provide one-to-one GMAT Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning, Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) and Integrated Reasoning tuition.

Whichever Pre/Post-University examination you need to study for, Carfax Private Tutors can put you in contact with a tutor who can help you achieve your goals.

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